Friday, September 7, 2012

Help me get a puppy!

I need help picking/getting a puppy! I've spent the better part of 3 years home alone, I'd like to get a puppy now, Official looking puppy sites are all so expensive, thousands of dollars for a dog. I have severe arthritis and live in an apartment; So I need a dog that doesn't require alot of walking and doesn't bark alot, and doesn't have it's own inherent health issues. I wanted to get a English Bulldog but they are both expensive to buy a puppy and have alot of potential health issues. Thinking maybe a Pug, or Puggle.. perhaps a shih tzu, it's been probably 16 years since I've had a dog, and I was never terribly fond of my parent's chihuahua's as they had severe little dog syndrom. Anyways, this will be a major companion for me So any breed recommendations will come with some major research. the last problem I face is Social Security isn't much, so I really can't afford thousands on a dog, sure I can save it up, but it'll take forever, and I really would like to get a dog sooner rather than later, it's been a long lonely few years.

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  1. personally I have had less medical bother with mongrels than with a "pedigree" or "pure" dogs