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Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Sonic Screwdriver Universal Remote Morse Codes

I have been a big fan of Doctor Who since the 90s movie, it was my first
exposure to Doctor Who and I liked it; Little did I know I wouldn't see
any new Doctor Who until 2005. From the first time Christopher Eccleston
told Rose to Run I was hooked.

September 1st of 2012 one of the best pieces of memorabilia was released
by The Wand Company, I had to order it within the first minutes it was
available on Thinkgeek (Plus I had a 30 dollar credit and a ton of geek points
to get a mini tardis. Luckily I had just ordered a bunch of AAA rechargable
batteries, So I was good to go as soon as it arrived.

Honestly I play with it more in FX mode than anything, and eventually
the morse codes started to bug me because I don't really have an ear
for the dashes and dots. Although, I can spot them very easily in a Wave
file. Somehow no one had managed to make a record of what the all the morse
were in the first week, I felt like surely someone must have, but the search
results they only show my results and a lot of sites just mentioning that
the Sonic Screwdriver HAS morse codes.

Anyhow I recorded each one on my phone, no special care was taken in the
recording, live with it. and I used SMS Free on android to type out the dashes
and dots I saw on the wave file from my recording to translate them. I know
not as cool as translating morse by ear on the fly but eh, it is what it is.

Official Write up.
When the Sonic Screwdriver is in FX Mode, its tip flashes once every 2 seconds. If it isn't moved for about 1 minute, the Sonic Screwdriver does an internal systems check and then flashes and beeps a short Morse code message confirming that it is OK. If the Sonic Screwdriver is left for long periods without being moved, then every 1963 flashes of the tip (about an hour), the Sonic comes to life and flashes and beeps one of 11 secret Morse code messages to tell you what it is thinking.

List of all 11 Morse Codes

SONICOK                      = ...--- -. ..-.-. --- -.-
SPOILERS                   = ... .--. --- .. .-.. . .-. ...
GALLIFREY                 = --. .- .-.. .-.. .. ..-. .-. .  -.--
TARDIS                      = - .- -.. .. ...
BOWTIESARECOOL      = -... --- .-- - .. . ... .- .-. .  -.-. .. .. .-..
RUNRUN                    = .-. ..- -. .-. ..- -.
GERONIMO                   = --. . .-. --- -. .. -- ---
COMEALONGPOND   =  -.-. --- -- . .- .-.. --- -. --. .--. --- -. -..
ITSBIGGERONTHEINSIDE = .. - ... -... .. --. --. . .-. --- -. - .... . .. -. ... .. -.. .
HELLOSWEETIE             =  .... . .-.. .-.. --- ... .-- . . - .. .
FISHFINGERSANDCUSTARD = ..-. .. ... .... ..-. .. -. --. . .-. ... .- -. -.. -.-. ..- ... - .- .-. -..

The list of Morse Codes is now Complete 11/11! Completed 9/18/2012

Friday, September 7, 2012

Help me get a puppy!

I need help picking/getting a puppy! I've spent the better part of 3 years home alone, I'd like to get a puppy now, Official looking puppy sites are all so expensive, thousands of dollars for a dog. I have severe arthritis and live in an apartment; So I need a dog that doesn't require alot of walking and doesn't bark alot, and doesn't have it's own inherent health issues. I wanted to get a English Bulldog but they are both expensive to buy a puppy and have alot of potential health issues. Thinking maybe a Pug, or Puggle.. perhaps a shih tzu, it's been probably 16 years since I've had a dog, and I was never terribly fond of my parent's chihuahua's as they had severe little dog syndrom. Anyways, this will be a major companion for me So any breed recommendations will come with some major research. the last problem I face is Social Security isn't much, so I really can't afford thousands on a dog, sure I can save it up, but it'll take forever, and I really would like to get a dog sooner rather than later, it's been a long lonely few years.

Friday, January 27, 2012

Property Rights

I'd like to start with a brief pre-statement. I love Xbox, I love Windows, they suit my needs to a T.


We as gamers really need to make it known to Microsoft that we LIKE buying the occasional used game, if we don't we'll lose the right to buy and sell our property. Lets face it, after 6 months to a year no one wants to buy a game at full price. Books and movies don't even sell at full price after a certain time. We need to start a campaign against their plans to make the next xbox impossible to use "used games" on. If we buy a game, we have the right to sell or trade that game.

The way I see it, I have bought MANY used games in times of poverty because I wouldn't have been able to play them AT ALL, if I couldn't buy them at a discounted used price. I think their idea is to increase their bottom line by forcing everyone to buy their games at full retail price. I think in reality games will get less exposure as only those who can afford to buy every new game they desire are the only ones to play them.(Not even talking about how many people RENT games).

I realize compared to 20 or 30 years ago, today's consoles are far cheaper by today's standards, a console from back then would cost thousands now. And I DO appreciate gaming staying at a particular price, I am fearful that this multi-billion dollar industry won't hold up so well to trying to be greedy. Home consoles have already destroyed the Arcade game industry, Lets keep home gaming the way it is please.

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Xtendplay Remedies ‘Gamer’s Claw’

Xtendplay Remedies ‘Gamer’s Claw’: "Xtendplay"
from League of One - December 4th 2011

It’s a worldwide epidemic affecting millions of gamers on both the Xbox 360 and Playstation 3: After a lengthy session of Modern Warfare Battlefield 3′s multiplayer, a dungeon crawl through one of Skyrim’s many underground grottos, or even the Super Bowl in Madden 12, players will undoubtedly have that familiar feeling after pushing the ‘off’ button. I’m talking, of course, about Gamer’s Claw. We’ve all become familiar with the aches and pains attributed to long gaming sessions, but now we can finally do something about it with the Xtendplay.

You may be sitting there thinking to yourself, “I’ve been gaming damn near my whole life. I don’t get Gamer’s Claw.” I don’t blame you for thinking that, in fact I had that very thought. However, after allowing myself to use the Xtendplay and getting comfortable with it’s unique design, it became apparent that a familiar feeling was absent at the end of my game. That feeling was an ache in my fingers and a cramp in my palm; that feeling was Gamer’s Claw.

Available in Xbox green or Playstation blue, Xtendplay is made of a durable foam material that fits comfortably in your hands regardless of their size. The design takes your hands and removes the wrap-around grip we’ve become accustomed to and forces your hands to rest in a more natural position. Further, the length of the device allows you to rest the controller and Xtendplay in your lap, rather than holding it up in the air or resting your elbows on your knees. This helps reduce fatigue and, coupled with the reduced cramping and ergonomically correct hand position, allows players a chance to enjoy their favorite game for a longer period.
The Xtendplay is ideal for anyone who spends more than an hour on PS3 or Xbox 360. While it may seem uncomfortable during it’s initial use, it’s not so strange that your hands can’t adapt quickly. For those who prefer to play online games or chat with friends during your game sessions, the Xtendplay even features a recess at the bottom of the controller slot that fits most L-shaped headsets. The open top allows for officially licensed wired controllers to fit in, as well, proving once and for all that the Xtendplay. Priced at $14.99 the Xtendplay is a value rarely seen for gaming peripherals of this generation. It’s affordable, it’s stylish, and it works.

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Battlefield 3 Weapon Unlocks from Back to Karkand Map Pack

BF3 Back to Karkand Assignments

FAMAS (“Best Friend Forever” assignment)
10 heals
10 revives

L85A2 (“Professional Russian”)
100 kills with assault rifles
20 kills with grenade launcher
Win 5 rounds of Squad Deathmatch

MP5 / HK53 (“Fixing it”)
10 repairs
1 kill with repair torch

QBZ-95B (“It Goes Boom”)
50 anti-tank rocket kills
5 conquest round wins
Destroy 1 enemy vehicle with repair torch

QBB-95 (“Let It Rain”)
20 kills with light machine guns
2 mortar kills

QBU-88 (“Specops”)
20 sniper rifle kills
5 laser designator assists

MG36 (“Keep Your Head Down”)
100 kills with light machine guns
50 suppression kill assists
50 ammo resupplies

L96 (“Creeping Death”)
50 headshots
50 spot assists
5 knife kills

PP-19 (“Familiar Territory”)
Capture 10 flags
Arm 10 MCOM stations
Play 2 hours on Strike At Karkand

Jackhammer / MK3A3 (“Scarred Veteran”)
10 kills with PP-19
10 kills with BTR-90
5 kills with DPV jeep
Play 2 hours on Gulf of Oman
Play 2 hours on Sharqi Peninsula

Can click each assignment on the battlelog to check it out.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

My arthritis has been really bad the last few weeks, hopefully I will resume blogging
in the near future.