Friday, January 27, 2012

Property Rights

I'd like to start with a brief pre-statement. I love Xbox, I love Windows, they suit my needs to a T.


We as gamers really need to make it known to Microsoft that we LIKE buying the occasional used game, if we don't we'll lose the right to buy and sell our property. Lets face it, after 6 months to a year no one wants to buy a game at full price. Books and movies don't even sell at full price after a certain time. We need to start a campaign against their plans to make the next xbox impossible to use "used games" on. If we buy a game, we have the right to sell or trade that game.

The way I see it, I have bought MANY used games in times of poverty because I wouldn't have been able to play them AT ALL, if I couldn't buy them at a discounted used price. I think their idea is to increase their bottom line by forcing everyone to buy their games at full retail price. I think in reality games will get less exposure as only those who can afford to buy every new game they desire are the only ones to play them.(Not even talking about how many people RENT games).

I realize compared to 20 or 30 years ago, today's consoles are far cheaper by today's standards, a console from back then would cost thousands now. And I DO appreciate gaming staying at a particular price, I am fearful that this multi-billion dollar industry won't hold up so well to trying to be greedy. Home consoles have already destroyed the Arcade game industry, Lets keep home gaming the way it is please.

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