Monday, July 25, 2011

New Info on Portal 2 DLC | Valve News

New Info on Portal 2 DLC | Valve News

Portal 2′s upcoming DLC will bring a few new features and game mechanics to Portal 2. Here’s whats new.
Disapproval, a user from the forums, recently visited Valve and got a chance to ask some questions about the new Portal 2 DLC, most notably the fact that it’s apparently coming out very soon, which we kind of already knew.
The upcoming DLC will have leaderboards as well as an all-new co-op course with its own story.That’s right, its own independent story.
I got to meet Erik Wolpaw and Jay Pinkerton at Valve, they were really great and answered a lot of the questions you guys asked. I learned a lot of other cool tidbits too, which I will be sharing over the course of this thread.
So ask me any question you asked before in the previous thread and I will answer it.
Oh yes, the DLC is going to come out soon. Pretty darn soon.
But how soon? Valve time soon?
I asked him when he told me “Soon as in Valve time?” and he’s like “No no… we got it all wrapped up, really, fairly soon”
So, more co-op changes. This is kind of a no-brainer. Valve wants people to continue playing co-op but, there isn’t anything left to play once you beat all the chambers, but a story? That could be tons of fun. Expect lots of rumors and speculation about HL3 when this dlc comes out.
Leaderboards also will add a nice touch to the Portal 2 experience. I’m excited.
You can read and discuss the thread here. As a side note, I really want his/her cup.


  1. Yaaay been waiting for this, hopefully it'll be like playing the co-op game all over again with new puzzles.

  2. HNNNNG I need to buy the Orange Box and Portal 2. funny or witty commentary, no real response. Just gah, I hate being poor.