Saturday, July 2, 2011

Gamer Humor: Stand Up

Its been a tough week between joint pain and migraines, So I thought I'd at least stop in and post a link to some of the best gamer stand up comedy from
and give this a watch

It seems to me gamer humor is falling more and more to the wayside, some of my favorites over the years have been, Pure Pwnage(canceled after a brief stint on tv), Red Vs. Blue, Penny Arcade, Angry Video Game Nerd, The Guild, and of course the ever so funny Zero Punctuation.

What are some of your favorite video game inspired humor?


  1. Always love to see gamer stand-up. It's not common to see real hardcore gamer humor from sand-up comics but I think as gaming becomes more and more ubiquitous you'll be seeing a lot more of it.

  2. I love Red vs. Blue (: Their Halo series was really funny.

  3. Damn, I could only watch 2 videos, CANADIAAAAAAAA.
    I used to watch Arby and Chief even though I didn't play Halo, now that was good.

  4. I love this guys comedy. His just great in general. His accent is perfect for it too ahah.